Released September, 1993



So you want me out through the door, so you want to find something more,
Out of your life you want me to go, and it begins a step out the door.

I could stay and ruin your plans, I could stay the time I'll be sand,
Out of your life you want me to flow, and it all starts a step out the door.

Free you are to find a new love, free you are, now take off the glove,
Out of your hands my heart must now grow, and we will end a step out that door.


On a planet far away, a distant long time ago, this Man stood up and swallowed,
An unpolluted air, crystal clear waters, but this Man seemed so shallow,
For he had no thoughts of goals to succeed,
No high monuments to announce his greatest deeds.

So this shallow man was told of powers strong, the greatest was to know right from wrong,
And though he cried, to turn and deny, his will so free just had to try,
For he had no thoughts of goals to succeed,
No high monuments to announce his greatest deeds.

So upon dreams he fed, but none he dreamt before, of fantasies his soul never bore,
Now he's a profound man, thoughts so deep and moot, a broken world the labor of his fruit,
Now he has such thoughts, and many goals to see,
High monuments that crumble to his knees, everytime he realizes he had what he needs.


Wealth I have, Power too, none helps me now without you.
I am seeking the wisdom of the ages, I am hungry for the food of sages.

Time goes by, I wonder, will you come and lift my soul.
I want my mind to be free from these pains, I want my heart to be rid of these chains.

Be with me, fill my world, share your love and light the way.
I yearn to see your beauty shining bright, I yearn to feel the shiver of delight.


As we talked and shared stories, of our life and loves,
An attraction grew, we could take off our gloves,
And touch tenderly, our bodies yearning to be free, my heart racing wild she said to me

(chorus) Be with me now, let go tomorrow, enjoy the laughter, forego the sorrow,
I'll hold you tight, release the night, don't think to deep, and come live alive with me.

But active minds quiet hard, and mine most of all, imagination flew to illusion's call,
Her touch recoiled, the ancient visions creeping in, my thoughts racing wild she said to me

So I'll listen to her wisdom, and follow her lead,
There is no place but now, we have no need of need,
With touching anewed I see her as she really is, a kindred spirit learning of Mishambra.


See the sun, stare it into oblivion.
The cloud's shadows move like ships on a green ocean, dark, fast , running - Into the Sun.

(chorus) Live Shamanistic Dreams, Now

Watch the moon, stare it into a starry soul.
The star's falling move like golden raindrops, feed night's flowering hopes - Watch the Moon.

See nothing, stare it into eternity.
The wind's breathing giving life to the leaves, feel forever's loving hands - the Trinity.

PRAYER (adapted from original prayer by Daniel M. Axelrod)

Oh G-d, and G-d of our future, hear our supplication,
Grant peace, well-being and long life, to our family, our people and to humankind.




Rationality is a construct of the imagination,
Art is an expression of logic,
And symbolism is a matter of preference.

The title of this CD is in acronym form. G.o.d is an acronym for generalized objective decision-maker. Generalized means that any type of decision can be made by the decision maker. Objective means that the decision maker does not use any subjective knowledge to make its decisions. Any component of the decision maker's knowledge can be verified by at least one other entity. Thus a g.o.d. is in some sense all-powerful and all-knowing. The second term is d.i.c.e. D.i.c.e. stands for a digitally interfaced creative environment. It is an environment that has a capacity for creativity which is observable through a numeric representation. It is a world that can be understood both ,being a set of numbers and, by its nature, effecting what these numbers are. Thus a pair of dice can be understood as a pair of numbers determined, in part, by the behavior of the dice.
A natural question to ask is, why would an entity ever want to use a d.i.c.e.? One answer is, that they must. The entity, as a decision maker, is "forced" to make its choices, at least in part, with a d.i.c.e. In such a case it is the amalgam of the entity and the d.i.c.e. which is the actual decision maker. The entity does not exist as a decision maker without the d.i.c.e. A second answer is that the entity chooses to use a d.i.c.e. The entity can make a decision without the use of a d.i.c.e. but opts to anyhow. It is an issue of preference and not necessity.
Must a g.o.d. play with d.i.c.e.? To be clear, when I write "play with d.i.c.e." I mean that a g.o.d. uses a d.i.c.e. to make a decision. If a g.o.d. must play with d.i.c.e. then, in actuality, the d.i.c.e. is part of the g.o.d . It is an illusion that the two are separate. Indeed, the existence of the illusion can be understood as part of the g.o.d.'s choices made. All that is required for the existence of a g.o.d. is that all of its components are verifiable, possibly by multiple entities, not that there exists a single entity which can verify all of the components. A g.o.d. plays with a d.i.c.e. only at its preference.
Does a g.o.d. play with d.i.c.e.? By the nature of a g.o.d. there exists at least one entity that can verify that the d.i.c.e. is being used to make decisions. If you are such an entity then you know the answer. Otherwise it is an illusion that you perceive a g.o.d. playing with a d.i.c.e. It is the g.o.d.'s choice that you perceive it playing with a d.i.c.e.
What if one does not believe in the existence of a g.o.d.? If so, any search for a unifying principle that ties all of the behavior in the universe together goes beyond being difficult to being illogical and irrational. Without assuming the existence of a g.o.d. any symbolism of the universe, and its structure, can not be interpreted as representing all the forces which determine its reality. There is either something missing or subjective about the symbolism.
Our attraction to computers is related to our desire to become d.i.c.e., an outgrowth of our ceasing to believe in a g.o.d. If we can not know, influence or be a g.o.d., we are left only a fascination with creating, exchanging and being numbers. The existence of g.o.d in our life can not be determined by chance alone.