Released September 1994



1-Unwrap and open container.
2-Remove platter and season to taste.
3-Place in musical interface, preheated to maximum volume.
4-Sonicwave brain for approximately 60 minutes. Do not undercook

Phenomenurotics- Warning: Product contains phenomena and informational derivatives which may affect your metaconsciousness, Avoid thinking.




Make your mark when you can't be seen,
Living your life while the others dream,
No questions, no poems , no ruined schemes,
Fly through the night on your special beam.

(chorus) Tell me why, you can fly,
Tell me why you won't try,
To reach, reach the sky.

Had you once lived in day light?
But the food you craved was your plight,
Tasted that fruit only to lose your sight,
Not to know again day from night.


Sleep so deep, now love, Sleep so real you can,
Dream tonight of light that will set you free.
Far away from here, Far to stay a tear,
Will turn to puddles, Murky Waters cover,
Saddened creeks weeping for the time when love
Seemed so close only to disappear through our lies.

Can you see our world, Can you feel our pain?
Dream tonight of hope that will tell us how to
Stay as one, for now, Stay the time when we will
Turn to falling stars that glow to die just
Brighten the sky can you hear them cry?
Seemed so close yet we disappear through our lies.

Do you fell the cold do you know the dark?
Dream tonight of life that will let me be
Clouded eyes so blind darkened whys that bind
Will turn to unknown eyes which will not see
Distant thoughts of one laughing when I scream
Seemed so close but it disappeared through our lies


The narrow street's red with blood,
Info highway sheathed in fat,
Organs playing mighty fugues,
It's so easy to be confused!

Pretending to know the way.
My mind dreaming lies of faith,
Pain to the right, left to death,
Who'll tell me "take your next breath!"

Sophed, soft as a baby's brain

All human plans chewed like cud
Higher powers have their feast
Prayer makes them laugh with glee
Who else dares to ask for greed?!

The guns ablaze, bombs galore
Some kill for less, others more
Nobody can doubt the lore
That wisdom is to ignore!

Sophed, soft as a baby's brain



Psychodelic merchants selling me different colors of the day,
Blue and green and red and white leading to the colors that are best saying,

(Chorus) To me "Let go, be free" I listen to their sounds which are sight,
And I actually think I know what is the difference between wrong and right (Yaa!)

As I walk along the road I see signs telling me to go this which way,
East or North or South of West leading to the which way which is best saying, (chorus)

Television merchants selling me different utopia for the
Houswife, Worker, Child, Lover leading to the housegood which is best saying, (chorus)

As I sit apon my chair writing lyrics which will get get a stare by the
Writer, poet, artist, head waiting for me to tell them that God had said, (chorus)


Heart it throbs, pounding loud,
Feel the eyes of the growing crowd,
Whispered words, darkened shroud,
"Excuse them father they're too proud."

To the right and to the left,
The best companions he could get,
Is he the savior, or just adrift?
A mortal man, or our father's gift?

Remembering the nights when love seemed to be all there was,
Now the day and this tree, how can I forget I'm human and nothing more?

Light grows dim, my eyes will close,
My stay ends as a single rose,
Now I know what they've chose(n),
To be their gods with all its woes.

Fading fast, my last moments,
Will I help and pain prevent?
A last cry, a love present,
Or just die like all the rest?

Remembering the nights when lover seemed to be all there was,
Now the day and this tree, how can I forget I'm human and nothing more?


LIFE is the Language Interface For Everything.

Language is the process by which an entity transforms its subjective experience of the world into objects of communication (obcoms) and back again. Language is often understood as the use of words. Words, however, are only one type of obcoms. The obcoms of body language are gestures, postures and facial expressions. Animals often communicate using scents. Actions can speak louder than words because they are tangible obcoms.

Our veryday use of language is motivated by altering our experiences. We communicate with others so as to change their consciousness (or our own by changing their behavior). Languages differ by the set of obcoms they include. Translation between languages requires a common obcom. Such an object is an interface. It allows communication between two otherwise isolated beings. Translators are persons who act as interfaces. A keyboard is also an interface, one which links humans with computers. Switches and knobs also allow us to communicate with machines. A printer or monitor allows the computer to communicate with us.Sometimes we forget that the world is filled with a variety of obcoms. Deception occurs when we are dostracted away from important obcoms (like emotions). Power is lost when interfaces are ignored.

It is LIFE that transforms a multiverse into a universe. Meaning and Dimension of experience expands. The broader and deeper one is interfaced with the rest of the universe, the greater the sense of life energy, awe, and reality - as well as responsibility, purpose and faith. Only when we are aware of the LIFE in all things can one truly be alive.


If I were to awake tommorrow, to be aware of having been asleep,
Would I feel shame for the time lost in darkness deep?
Could I know the vestiges of shadows,
Slipping between the hollows of my body,
The holes in matter that seep spirit,
Just as a baloon leaks gas into the wind - ..................... eventually.

How is death even possible?
To have one's Consciousness cease when the body is inanimate,
That is the ultimate fantasy.
Ahh, to believe that whatever I do, some day I shall disappear,
My debts, not forgiven nor forgotten,
Merely the void of becoming bankrupt.

No, my sense of pessimism tells me this is not the reality.

What is the worst case scenario?

One's awareness can continue even as there is no control over the body, conscious of every movement of rotting, decaying, being eaten by the molecule, or the organ, powerless to do anything....... waiting for the body to become so dispersed that it is impossible to identify with it .... longing for the freedom that the spirit can not even imagine being contained in such a physical space.