The DAXE Theorem


(you want the truth, you got it)

The probability of an event is directly proportional to the joint intensity of reality of the observing population, which is equal to the convolution of their imagination and memory.


This holds since reality plus imagination times memory must remain constant under paradigmatic universality.


If the universe does exist with at least one fixed point, the convolution equals zero.


Further, given conservation of psychic energy, imagination plus memory must also equal zero.


These conditions imply the eternal testament to be stable only under the principal of direct access xeno-enlightenment, assuming a compact three-dimensional temporal manifold that is everywhere connected

(except for, at most, a singularity set of measure zero).


This, however, leads to perceptual condensation when a stimulated psychote covers a low-energy corporal cogitoid (despite the presence of any demorphizing process) - unless a subjectively supra-optimal massive digital interface exists to sink the excess energy in a non-informative prior, thereby causing a virtual temporal movement experienced as a flow of consciousness.


The induced existence of an anti-psychote would suggest the inversion of flow as indicative of nomic control of probability, and, finally, the capacity to determine when to reach supra-consciousness as the egonomist of one's own belief functions.



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